Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daily Dribble

New work in progress....well kinda. Been sitting on my desktop for at least a month and barely work on it.

It's slowly making it's way out of the WIP folder's clutches. It has meaning. I only say this because I only draw flowers in pictures if they mean something. There's a meaning in it and it lies in the flowers. I might have given away with my past posts. This is based on what has gone on in my life thus far. I feel regret and I feel sorrow. I lost a dream that I wish to get back but I'm not sure if the other half is even interested. I'm afraid to even ask, lol.

I'm some piece of work.

I've also burned almost all 10 of my fingers and two knuckles with my hot glue gun. mmmmm, yes. I only managed to get one tiny 3rd degree burn and two blisters. They make typing and everyday stuff harder, but it's all good. But yes, I'm some piece of work.

I got a lot of work to do and I only have a couple more weeks to do it in. So much in so little time!

But first, gotta be happy and get back that dream.

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