Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a Tad

So my 21st birthday was this past weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part. Some plans didn't fall through but it doesn't mean I learned a couple things about myself. I went out dancing for the first time on my birthday night. I got in for free. I went to a Club called the Castle down in ybor, fl. It was goth night. I wasn't exactly dressed like a goth...more indie then anything really, or was it hipster? I don't know. I do know I felt cute. I tried a few drinks, when I say tried I mean I sipped it like once and I was done. Didn't like them one bit.

It was a good night. Too bad I barely got any sleep and went out again cause I was suppose to go to Epcot but my friend canceled day before because of work. He works for Disney. It's okay. I know he'll follow through next time. It wasn't his fault. My friends thought of going to Universal cause I've never been to that either. That was the whole reason why I drove to Orlando with them. That never happened either. It's okay. I didn't really hype myself for it. In fact, I think I only went because I would have spent more time with the guy I like. That never happened either, lol. He was tried and that was understandable. But I ended up going to another Bar called IBAR. It was interesting. I liked it. It was 80s/90s night. I actually drank some of GUY's (I'm going to refer to the guy I like as GUY) drink. It was tasting it was had the name Long Island in it. I enjoyed it but I didn't want to steal his drink no matter how much I wanted it, haha. I danced again. Two nights in a row! Man, that's a little much. My calves were already yelling at me from the night before.

It was a good weekend. I want to go back to it. That would be cool. Except for driving back home afterwards and almost dying several times, it was all good. Yeah.

Now GUY invited me to his vocals on Friday. I won't think too much on it. I won't.