Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Critique

So I had my final critique tonight, not too long ago actually. I'm pretty happy to get it over with since I practically went mad last week with all this going on. I had more fun doing the images, despite being angry all the time, rather than having everything completed, mounted and all. In this project I had to not only use my creativity but also my wallet. Thank gawd I didn't spend too much. THANK GAWD. I ended up going with Reedy PhotoProcess as my service bureau.

My final set of images were based around a series on a character I call the Sunflower Witch. She doesn't necessarily have a name. I also set it around the Seasons to show the aging or as she grows up. Shall we begingThis is Summer. In her Preteens learning how to fly on her sunflower.

Autumn. Her dress is suppose to symbolize has changing of the seasons as well as the colors. She's in her teens at this point.
Winter. Since society can not accept witches they stone her and what not (thought i is not shown) and throw her into the river, because if she floats, she's a witch. And guess what kids, she floats. The water is horrible in this picture. I suck at water. xD
Spring, the last. I consider winter the first part of the year. Here you see the past meeting the future. She is meeting the past self and is told to not worry about what people around her do, just to live life till it all works out. I fin spring as a blank piece of paper. It starts with her, she is the seed to a new beginning. Bloom again.

Tada! Everything was done in photoshop 7 on a tablet. I'm just happy it's over with, because now I have a clean room again, lol.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Maybe it was just that new movie on the Disney Channel that made me want to do this. It probably isn't new. Who knows, but I have always been wondering how it was to do one of these. I'll post whatever I feel like posting here, from random drawings to cosplay progress.

Well, I'm petite and this is my blog.